Company Electric System & Laser Technology was founded in 1990 in Katowice. According to the assumptions , the main directions of activity of the company to be of industrial automation and laser technology and service control and measurement instruments , which was to be the main source of income in the initial period of the company . Unfortunately , economic change beginning of the nineties resulted in the deterioration of the financial situation of state-owned companies , which were to be the main principals in the area of ​​service and thus activity in the field of laser technology came to the fore.

    In the first half of the nineties most of the work focused on the electronic circuits for discharge lamps pumped lasers and diode lasers and gas . During this period , the first of our power and control systems for solid-state lasers . Our customers were , among others, companies such as Central Mining Institute Katowice - ; Industrial Institute of Electronics - Warsaw ; Institute of Applied Optics - Warsaw ; Institute of Electronic Materials Technology - Warsaw ; Rzeszów University of Technology , and others.

    In the second half of the nineties , due to the booming market in medicine have increased the pace of work focusing on the lasers of this very purpose. Then arose the development of our medical lasers designed for the company MC Laser, which took up the mass production of these devices . The most important devices, among other things, a two - laser , multi-function combine for dental applications , the CO2 laser designed to perform bloodless surgery, neodymium laser for dermatological applications , and neodymium and ruby lasers to remove unwanted hair . Also during this period , a new series of lasers biostimulative for the company MC Laser, for general medical purpose . In the year two thousand and our offer we introduce a new series of OEM components for solid-state lasers . These devices include , among others, power supplies , controllers, optics and lasers all OEM .

    In 2001, its products are presented for the first time at the biggest trade fair in the world of laser technology , in Munich , winning in this way new markets. At that time, the main objective is to achieve the status of one of the leading European companies in the construction of solid-state lasers .

    In 2002, we introduce two new lasers Cosmetic our construction . KTP lasers are 532 nm for the removal of vascular lesions , and Nd: YAG lasers Long Pulse hair removal .

    In parallel to our offer turn on imported CO2 surgical lasers and Nd : YAG Q- switch for tattoo removal . Next , in 2007, to complement our range of aesthetic medicine of lasers designed to perform fractional treatments methods . From that moment on , our company has a full range of lasers designed for aesthetic medicine .

    Since September 2009, our offer has been extended to medical devices to reduce cellulite and slimming silhouette and reduce body fat . The leading devices in this group are FOCUSHAPE ( focused ultrasound to reduce body fat ) , OMNISLIM ( vacuum massage combined with the current RF cellulite reduction ) and BIO-RAD ( Radio Frequency current system for skin rejuvenation by restoring and re - modeling of collagen fibers )

    Since November 2009, a new section is opened lasers and curing lights for dentistry . In this section we offer are multi-functional devices, such as having the ability to combine laser cavity design , CO2 lasers for dental surgery and plasma curing lights with the option of teeth whitening.

    Also in November 2009, is introduced to offer our latest design of high-energy laser biostimulating . As the most advanced design in the field of lasers, laser biostimulative this aspires to be the laser in 2010 in the field of physiotherapy and dentistry. For the first time in this type of device uses highly specialized type of ARM processors , enabling a significant expansion of the functionality of the application . Innovative placement of laser diodes inside the main housing and the fiber-optic and laser applicators combined caused the device has become extremely resistant to intense exploitation , so that failure of the laser was reduced to a minimum.

    Also in mid-2009 was introduced to our range of line lasers re - conditioned . Our company brings ( mostly from the U.S.) or postexposure lasers with low mileage and carry out their re - conditioning , involving the exchange of operational components and re- calibration of the system . Such lasers are offered by us at very attractive prices and a full warranty period.

    We invite you to visit our booth at the next trade fairs . Details at www.ESLT - events tab .